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libees it's a creative enterprise who works as consulting firm and shop products, promoting ethics and human welfare weaving nature, People and design.

design / Company projects and products collaborating with independent brand, creativi, craftsmen, companies and socially responsible organizations, lavora attraverso le connessioni tra le culture e le persone. online Shop.

studio / deals with project design, management and communication on issues of sustainability, corporate social responsability, social innovation e people empowerment. Servizi.

journal / recounts stories and inspirations.

libees is a concept design margherita cittadino

in colorMargherita Cittadino it is an engineer, base in the Southern Italy with offices in Campania and Puglia.

Appassionata, Creative has grown in contact with nature, between stories and experiences of home-made food and traditions, with a family of intellectuals half farmers and half of florists.

The sensitivity for nature, people and the intended design as a tool to live better the world and the welfare of the community, they took an interest and experience projects social innovation and green design devoting professional commitment to the ecosystem of non-profit and of companies that work with high standards of creativity, CSR and positive social impact.

“With a deep interest in the’human expression, I like the idea of ​​designing living objects and spaces, imagine the sensi experiences that can illuminate the soul and places, the trips and the flavor of the landscapes we can change.” Illustrations.

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sistro.it | Web design, Comunication e Marketing

arch. Saveria Petillo | Concept & Exhibit designer

Boid Factory | Video, Short Film, Spot Pubblicitari

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