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libees® è un creative brand committed to stimulating positive impact on society and the planet. We use strategic skills, creative and communication to improve the life of the planet and of people.

journal / and tell Stories and inspirations on the themes nature, People and design to stimulate systemic interconnection for a positive contribution to society.

studio / deals with project design, management and communication on issues of sustainability, corporate social responsability, innovation e people empowerment, well-being.

libees® is a concept design margherita cittadino

Margherita Cittadino è ingegnere di base in Campania, Italia.

Appassionata, creativity grown in contact with nature, between stories, experiences and traditions, with a family of intellectuals half farmers and half of florists.

The sensitivity for nature, le persone ed il design, inteso come strumento per abitare meglio il mondo ed il benessere della comunità, l’hanno portata ad interessarsi di più temi human right, food, wine, mindfulness e sperimentare progetti di social innovation green design e dedicare impegno professionale all’ecosistema del non-profit and of the companies they work with creativity, social responsibility and positive impact.

“With a deep interest in the’human expression, I like the idea of ​​drawing projects to live, imagine the sensi the experiences that can illuminate the soul. I believe the places, i viaggi ed il sapori ci possano mutare.


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