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libees è un creative brand committed to stimulating positive impact on society and the planet. We use strategic skills, creative and communication to improve the life of the planet and of people.

journal / and tell Stories and inspirations on the themes nature, People and design to stimulate systemic interconnection for a positive contribution to society.

studio / deals with project design, management and communication on issues of sustainability, corporate social responsability, innovation e people empowerment, well-being. Learn more about the services.

libees is a concept design margherita cittadino

Margherita Cittadino is a basic engineer in the Southern Italy in Campania.

Appassionata, creative grown up in contact with nature, between stories, experiences and traditions, with a family of intellectuals half farmers and half of florists.

The sensitivity for nature, people and the intended design as a tool to live better the world and the welfare of the community, led her to take an interest in mindfulness and experiment with projects social innovation green & flower design dedicating professional commitment to the ecosystem of non-profit and of the companies they work with creativity, social responsibility and positive impact.

“With a deep interest in the’human expression, I like the idea of ​​drawing projects to live, imagine the sensi the experiences that can illuminate the soul. I believe the places, the trips and the flavor of the landscapes we can change.”

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