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concept idea #1

Concept for Festival International Jardins de Métis Canadian Québec Competition
Metis International Garden Festival in Quebec Canadian Competition

concept idea #2


The Circle primordial symbol that occurs in the form of the earth, the sole, the moon, is the center. The Babylonians used it to measure the time, with the wheel divided into 6 sectors of 60 ° each. From there, who was born the concept of cyclical time and universal, that time can heal all, even the wounded soul.

Alchemical symbol of protection, the circle in the Celtic world during magical rituals had the function to ward off enemies.

So the psychologist K. G. Jung believed in his magic functions, the center is protected from external influences, in the center of the divinity – Men's.

In the garden, the human soul turned away from life can unwind with the Body. The water that caresses us sitting in the shade flows toward the center and drag away the thoughts, an invitation to rest and immersion in the fragrant scent of medicinal herbs. While sitting in the cool arbor that wants to stimulate the senses and entertain with its fan-shaped wood and cloth of silk, that depending on the necessity opens and closes.

From ancient times men have been adorned with flowers, garlands on their heads, rose and crown in an attempt to keep the soul bound to earthly body still continue to paint their bodies with flowers. Mystical idea of ​​a divine communion between nature and spirit.

Here the idea is transformed into a man-made installation of handles network, in a capillary weave human, to remind us of the mystery of nature.

Uomo seduto, a man hugging a tree, a man lost in thoughts, a man who plays with the nature of which it is part and which is art. Head full of flowers, i piedi, hands and arms of roses and thorns, remember that our hands have the power to create and destroy, mani morbide e ispide, vision assorto, mind sgombera.

Hermann Hesse said that care of the earth and the spirit of the plants has "A sense of peace and liberation similar to what is achieved through meditation».

Each plant makes us share in the mystery of growing up and dell'appassire and beauty, joy and sensuality of nature.

Each plant teaches us patience and the ability to observe, amazement and respect, joy and sometimes regret.

Concept for Festival International Des Jardins  | Domaine de Chaumont sur Loire

Festival International Des Jardins | Domaine de Chaumont sur Loire

[credits co-design with arch. Cecilia Rossi]