libees collaborate with brand INDEPENDENT, businesses and nonprofits its product design with a history and architetti, interiors and projects for companies. It supports companies in special projects related to corporate social responsability e sostenibilità green indoor e outdoor through experiences related to nature. It motivates people to implement positive changes to their lives and those of the community and empowerment with relational activities, the use of flowers and plants. It motivates people to a life with wellness workshops. Also as a buyer and reseller research and promotes products and services, more ethical and sustainable.

Servizi in partnership

/Ethical product design, communication and marketing

/ Value proposition & CSR Companies, sustainability for Non Profit

/ Flower design and green design for private and corporate

/Wellness come Yoga & Mindfulness for the welfare of the body, mind and empowerment

/ Workshops di design, of flowers & gardening indoor & outdoor for private and corporate

/ Styling sustainable and green residential space, corporate, Business

/ Collaborations with architects, interior deisgner, retailers

/ Buyers and resellers of products


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