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The joy of floral arrangements: ikebana

Work in silence or with music, selecting containers, flowers and materials such as branches, leaves and glass easily leads to venture into the inner garden. Flowers require attention and open an intimate dialogue, the floral composition opens the mind to creativity and to the relationship with our deepest nature.

Flower design can be expressed in many ways.


The Ikebana (Ikebana o Ikebana) they represent the Japanese art of arranging cut flowers or kadō (flower arrangement).

Making an ikebana engages the mind and body, spirit and soul. The creative act becomes meditation, with a particular focus on balance.

Ikebana, it means living flowers or via dei fiori, as a path of spiritual elevation according to the principles of Zen.

The creative experience of floral design linked to ikebana, and its derivations, it leads to centering on one's interior, relaxation and improved health, with immersion in the details of beauty and nature.

Japanese Ikebana combine floral practice and inner life.

Working in silence, selecting materials, containers, flowers, rami, leaves, glass or other adventure in the inner garden.

Attention to flowers opens a dialogue, thus begins the intimate nature and communication between people.

Working in silence, the soul is prepared with sounds and music.

Floral design like ikebana engage the mind and body, spirit and soul. The experience becomes a meditation, with a particular focus on well-being.

Informal Flower Design

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