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packaging: the antechamber of taste?

The Packaging as anteroom aesthetics and ethics Taste?

The packaging of food born as (and represented) a way to contain the food, keep, protect and carry around. The package had origins in the eighteenth century when the Industrial Revolution introduced massive changes in the manufacturing industry and thus the need to preserve, protect and then as the last to differentiate the product (also food). Developed so metal boxes (tin) instead of cardboard for things like cookies or pastries.

Then with the social revolution the early twentieth century there was the need to be able to dress up in his own image because the orientation of the different aesthetic movements.

E poi the etica.

Andy Warhol represented the American society and its great leveling. The beauty of the Americans as Warhol observed is that they eat the same things as the Campbell’s Soup, by the President of the United States to the homeless man who is sitting at a street corner. It was that “american way of life” where equality was realized in a society, allowing equal opportunities for all.

Today, the “dress of the food” seeking a dialogue with the consumer, an emotional relationship, expresses a distinctive character for the subject product, creates personality and allows it to be picked.

Animated, almost as a personification.

The packaging with its appearance, color, shape and tactility allow the transmission and emotional dialogue. Through the graphic account of the history of the product, through materials (sometimes echo) affect the sensitivity of the purchaser.

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