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SUPPER CLUB: If a social

What is a SUPPER CLUB? it is in practice to transform the kitchen of their home in a restaurant extemporaneous, open in your own home that offers a service on the basis of their organizational capacity and economic, obviously based on the logistic possibilities. Advertised via the Internet often with the taste a little mason for the secrecy.

Widespread in the U.S. and UK, according to the The Guardian has certainly contributed to the recession. Guests are limited to offering a “suggested donation” and often bring home a bottle of wine favorite.

Of course it is a social phenomenon! The term supper club or underground restaurant / home restaurant / hidden kitchen, refers to a phenomenon of culinary culture and social. A new way of living out to dinner and tasting. At the center is the culinary aspect but also human, event social intimate and waiting, finding yourself at a table with people you've never seen. A bit of mystery to discover the kitchens and homes of others.

However depending on the country and climate (meteorological and social) where it was born, the identity of the supper club changes. In a gli Underground Food Collective occur so “It is cooked as a collective. Do not have a chef or owner. Rather, work together, drawing on our experience and training for the production of food…our training and travel give us a sense of the possibilities for food. This is more than just recipes, this is how the food is lived and enjoyed. We bring these life lessons with us, as well as in the kitchen.” Travel, experiences, exchange, knowledge and much more!

USA free People

& Cool Lifestyle

UK multicultural

In London, the cook Vietnamese Uyen Luu, welcomes strangers into her home to its famous Supper Club evenings


Second Marmite Lover one of the pioneers “around the world can be a fantastic culturally, for tourists such as finding out about the natives having dinner in a typical house, for more without spending a fortune”. It is’ cool and trendy.

And more “menus include everything, the service of booking online with prepayment, larger tables to accommodate groups and organize theme dinners .. all important, because of the fact, this is the new way to socialize.”

ITALY products km0, quality and socialization

In one house loft Milanese Ma’s Hidden Kitchen Supper Club the menu changes every time, the fresh ingredients come from local markets home owners cook and serve at the table to view. They also organize cooking classes.

For the globetrotter best in LONDON & best in BERLIN

Upgrade. SUPPER CLUB: Cuba, palates & tv soap

[credits: the guardian/MsMarmiteLover ph. Paul Winch Furness]

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