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Last night in bed, exhausted by the heat, before bed flipping through photos… I found this entry for cooked foods trattoria

(a story of my Saturdays).

A few months ago through a friend I discovered a Neapolitan trattoria run by the '60s by Ms. Anna Pappalardo

which is located in an area of ​​Naples somewhat anomalous (between decades and life) Chiaia neighborhood in Mergellina, within the local market of the Turret. This restaurant has become a real sociale hub, meeting place of the classes and so on the one hand the colors a little bourgeois sea mergellina date back to the mainland, meeting the common people coming the other colors.

Near the market is no way Piedigrotta, track of a space populate situated between Via Francesco Caracciolo and Mergellina, place where the ancient “party Piedigrotta” inherited by the Bourbons.

They say that during the early morning of 7 September the streets and the halls of the palaces were decorated for the holiday, during which floats paraded enriched with real orchestras with mandolins and guitars.

This video will give you an idea what should be a time this place of Naples


Cooked Foods, welcomes us with our inquiries at home (maybe even better). The first time I was there I was disoriented, many people, then the second third fourth etc.. I started to know Don Vincenzo (son of Anna) fascinated by the myth of Paris and the Belle Epoque, Lino (Chef) a disarming sweetness that gave me the recipe of his limoncello

and other extended family that we welcome. We usually notify them with a phone call to have spaghetti with lupins or paccheri with cicadas, but the best way to enjoy the things they know is.

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