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[gu-I] s.m.

The expression of individual identity is manifested in many things, also, with the taste.

[gu-I] s.m. | understood in most facets:

sense in which we perceive flavors, taste sensation given by a substance synonymous with flavor, feeling of pleasure derived from food and drink, more, sudden desire synonymous with desire, ability to discern the fine and beautiful things, sense of elegance and extent, and the complex preferences, trends, the guidelines of an era, a style, preference, subjective inclination.

It is’ matter of taste that surrounds our existence, is a matter of taste on our path.

Actually at this point I am puzzled, I do not know which way the conversation should go because I thought of the word “taste” watch some of the design objects, and I wondered what was the reason for my feeling of pleasure.

In pictures, my object of “taste”.

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