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Yesterday, after an unexpected meeting on a Saturday morning, we decided to stay in town and take a walk a little aimlessly through the streets noisy and festive pre-witch Naples.

At two o'clock there was a chaos in pizzerias in via the courts close to san gregorio Armenian, also full of Italian and foreign tourists, so we decided to eat pizza in the classic round portfolios, folded on itself in 4 to form 1/4 arc, then frittata Macaroni and croquettes, good flavor but a little too dramatically reduce the strength. I think it's an experience when you get into this area of ​​Naples, and anyone who has a flawless tone at the table here is lost, between the other is a-n-t-i-c-r-i-s-i 3 pizzas, 2 crocchè, 1 omelette for five euro …salvaportafogli!

The atmosphere, the wandering, lunch at 14.30 made us feel for a moment of tourists, we almost forgot that he had seen so many times this city. We continue our tour, seek and find a food and wine we wanted to visit for a long time

Timpani e Tempura, piccola bottega con otto posti a sedere in pieno centro storico a pochi passi da Piazza del Gesù, del maestro cuciniere Antonio Tubelli sindacalista avvicinatosi alla cucina grazie alla scoperta e alla lettura di antichi testi della gastronomia napoletana. Here we drank a glass of Aglianico and tried to enjoy the tradition in the look and gestures of the protagonists of the shop. Tubelli has a flash of joy in his eyes!

From there we walked around and had a coffee, assaporato il tempo che scorreva. In serata siamo andati a visitare un posto giovane e fresco South Italy Food dove abbiamo assaporato piatti di facile elaborazione davvero gustosi come le linguine alla anchovy of cetara, tutto con prodotti esclusivamente provenienti dal Sud Italia cucinati dalle Chef Gomasio.

Coffee is served with pot “Naples”, a touch of tradition.

The nice time, furnished with tapestries and objects between inventive recycling, colored, sometimes south / south… a mole there praised the hospitality of the owners a bit awkward and formal role in the hosts / butchers.

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