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the AGA cooker the heart of the kitchen

Swedish, naturalized English and indestructible, so they say, is the world del'Aga cooker.

What is certain is that they are an old-time charm. Were born almost by accident and intuition of’engineer Swedish Nils Gustaf Dalen Nobel Prize in Physics 1912 for his work related to the signs of the bright lights of the buoys and the discovery of industrial gases.

He founded the AGA AB in 1914 company specialized in the production of gas-accumulator. In the same year's Nobel due to a gas explosion, Engineer Dalen became blind. It seems that because the hospital has had occasion to observe the domestic life and understand the difficulties he met his wife using a traditional wood-burning where the plates had to be constantly monitored. Even the kitchen consumed an enormous amount of energy.

So he created the AGA cooker, ommercializzata then from 1929. Works according to the concept of heat build-up and return of the cast iron.

Eco food design & Corporate Social Responsibility CSR led the Aga cooker to be produced with the 70% of material Recycled is manufactured with materials which have already been used as parts of car engine, conducted, gutters, kitchens, manholes and old Aga.

The Aga cooker today are manufactured in the UK by Aga-Rayburn a Telford, nel Shropshire, but the first Aga was originally manufactured in Sweden. To see this we have to set aside about £ 10,000.

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