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public space & livable life | #1

March conventionally beginning of spring ed un momento in cui si accende il desiderio di riappropriazione dello spazio pubblico, in the popular imagination and you do not want more than to see flowers bloom and food multicolor.

Around London where there is little sun, but great care g r e e n: “Samuel Pepys described the pub as the 'Heart of England'… invite you to explore the house Reunion public – celebrate this milestone of British life. Under the railway arches of Southwark, discover a paradise of outdoor courtyards and gardens in full swing: pub games rediscovered, celebrations district, live music and film screenings. Our hotel is open for overnight guests, and our customers can enjoy a steaming sauna to chase away those chills British summer.”

EXYZT collettivo francese di architetti, graphics, Videographers, photographers, dj, botanical manufacturers realized “La Reunion” a public house in the spirit of the law 1830 Beer Action anyone could apply for a license and to open their public room, and also sell beer from home.

“The action, life and trade” sono le tre parole chiave per affrontare l’approccio collettivo. Progettare l’architettura attraverso l’azione o le azioni, load the architecture of life, multiple uses and different use architecture as a means to promote meetings and exchanges. Per altri progetti visitate EXYZT





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