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growing company: “food incubator” a San Francisco

A San Francisco are grown entrepreneurs in food.

Tracing the sociology of food we understand the value of this idea.

The food for the community, food with its rituals in the kitchen, the food and its prevailing practices are capable of transforming society. The food belonged to the domestic sphere and women, thus relegated to an inferior status while the study of the activities of the public sphere, Economics and Politics, belonged to the male sphere.

This is a piece of anthropological history on food and women.

This story is now a piece of food and empowerment of women: The Kitchen è un incubator entrepreneurs who grows the food, formalize and grow their food businesses, offering the opportunity to lower the cost of space in a professional kitchen, support in the food and access to sales opportunities.

It focuses on women of color and immigrant communities.

For The Kitchen it is important that women entrepreneurs have financial security by doing what they love to do. Innovative idea, inclusive and economically vibrant.

Offer rental kitchen and make workshop. Here explain how to start a food business in San Francisco.

[link a The Kitchen]




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