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RIVA1920 is a company that produces wooden design, construct furniture that “defying time and respect nature”. Made in italy company created by the evolution of a workshop of the '20s.

I like the thought of Maurizio Riva

I was not born to write but to make the carpenter , to feel under my fingers and smells the grain of the wood.

San Patrignano is the largest anti-drug center of Europe, 1300 boys, 30 years in business. It deals with the rebirth and care of these people
, feeds the force with work and over the years has developed an important wine business with a production of 600 thousand bottles / year. Part of the wine product is aged in wooden barrels made of French oak matured “barrique”.

Barrique small wooden barrel, the capacitance between the 225 and 228 liters used for the aging of wine both white and red, it. After a few years, the wood from these barrels is destined to be destroyed.

So among the many work activities San Patrignano over time developed a carpentry.

With the company's support Riva1920 and design ideas of thirty designers and architects has resulted in a collection of thirty-design objects in recycled wood, only.

This is one of my favorites, maybe because it reminds me of the chaise longue lc4 di Le Corbusier.

design Erasmo Figini

The project is called "Barrique, the third life of wood ". Which You can download the catalog of the entire collection.


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