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naked wine | angels & crowdfounding

In 2008 Rowan Gormley created Naked Wines, says that “… countries were going bankrupt and I just thought: We cannot do what they do everyone else. Must be radical, must be different.”

Naked Wines so it creates a different online retailer.

It is a site of social wine consumer where customers are asked to rate the wines after they have tasted, to post comments and interact with each other as well as with wine producers.

It is’ a business model which is said to put in the bare system: independent wine producers are generally not able to sell their goods abroad, where fixed costs are very high, spent on travel between, agents and the negotiation process.

So customers of Naked Wines become Angels of Wines and contribute to the crowdfounding the independent production of wine, Naked now offers advance money to producers to option the purchase of bottles.

The target of the company is the drinker “medium” of wine, going to the website the wine connoisseur is discouraged.

Some manufacturers Italian


Naked Wines

Rowan Gormley | Twitter @rowbags


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