guacamole that passion

If I had to describe it as a sauce would tell determined, s enthusiasm for salutare. A combination of bright color and controversy.

It makes me think of Albert, l’ho apprezzata a casa sua un giorno in cui eravamo lì a Napoli in un pranzo conviviale. Alberto Guerrera è un fotografo ed un pubblicitario, questa è una sua vision coloratissima della città

napoli vesuvio Alberto Guerra

In the show I chose this picture because Alberto mi ricorda tanto i colori degli ingredienti. With exquisite gentleness that contraddisitngue sent me her recipe, che ho poi sperimentato e documentato.

It is’ my nature to browse and so the chance discovery I deepened my knowledge and gave way to a vision of scholarly and anthropological taste.

Its colors:

The verde (lawyer, lime) is the color of nature, the plants are green because chlorophyll absorbs all other colors except green, riflesso. It is one of the three additive primary colors, its complementary color is magenta, but I read that mIt discusses several artists still consider its complementary color red. And so the red (tomatoes) is il colore dei significati: passion, policy, compassion (Buddhism), etc..

Her name and origins:

L’Ahuaca-Mulli (guacamole) risale al tempo degli Aztechi. All'ingrediente basis avocado, gli ingredienti principali sono succo di lime, salt and plenty of black pepper, viene dallo spagnolo messicano AhuacaMolli (Ahuacatl precisely avocado and soft, salsa).

“They are not the passions and interests that govern the world.” | Alain (Émile-Auguste Chartier)

The recipe:

Ingredients: 2 Avocado (Mature, soft and compact), 1 small onion, 1 spicchio di aglio, ½ cucchiaino di cumino in polvere, 200 grammi di pomodori maturi, 1 lime succo, 1 peperoncino fresco verde piccante, Olio, salt and pepper q.b.


Tagliate a metà gli avocado, eliminated the central core, peel.
Pour the pulp into a bowl, if you are in the right maturation schiacchiarli with a fork. Finely chop the onion, clove of garlic, chilli, do diced tomatoes (eventually peeled) and add to the mixture of avocado. Sprinkle with cumin, sale, macinatepepe, add the lime juice and its zest. Mix well, combining the mixture a couple of tablespoons of olive oil Rendel more ompogeneo.

guacamole #2

[credits images Alberto Guerrera and via  Pinterest]

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