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incidents of firing by Piet Bergman

Peter Bergman is a young Dutch, outside the box and the constraints. Have you ever lived in a place where the shops open and close on time? Where you dine in the afternoon, where the flower beds are on order and the flowers grow and change color on command? He was accidentally invented a way to break the mold.

PB ha iniziato qualche anno fa per scherzo intrattenendo ospiti e amici alle aperture di mostre ed eventi artistici di amici in giro per il mondo con questa idea, cooking recipes for them in the country in which it was. Each time the restaurant has created games that are always different names of letters with his name. "Pietza" when serving homemade pizzas, "Pietro Balls" per the grill cilena, "CHiPs by Piet" and "Pierre Pomme de Terre" for French cuisine.

(artist, Cook performer, craftsman…in developing)


his words


“I do not complain about the Netherlands, There is a lot of good things here. But there can be a bit 'more spontaneity in our society are displayed. I miss the places where we eat and the freedom to move tables to dance on the side. Here in Holland everything is so structured. All 06:00 closing all. Unfortunately, There are many factors that hinder the spontaneity. Various laws, for example. While everyone still just wants to have fun evening without complications? Seeking the rules in a fun way to get around. It is not possible here… Abroad, are much looser. I try and mix elements of other cultures. “

“The goal is to cook with the events and the environment. Also, I'm only a part of the whole… The position, circumstances and the people are the atmosphere. I'm not in marketing. And on facebook or other social media no… inia sms where and when the next event will be. And every time I make another selection from your address book. In this way there is always a different mixture of people. And while the atmosphere is always different, surprising and unpredictable “.


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