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Iranian eyes, Italian cuisine

The kitchen and told her creativity second illustration.

Images from the book 'One Hundred Italian Flavors. Hundred Illustrations Iranian ‘ | Mosallas Editions, Tehran 2008, tell of Italian recipes prepared by a group of Iranian artists.

Ali Boozari (editor)|”I think the process of creating food is quite nice and wonderful. [The] kind of creation that makes other people happy and [the] type of art that involves all the senses: taste, view, smell and touch. The good forms and colored, the smell of food can stimulate the appetite and, finally, you complete your joy feeling the taste and texture of food in the mouth. You can always have a memorable evening of cooking with your friends. The worst part of all parties is the last part, when all are filled and they make haste to get away from the table, leaving you and a lot of dirty dishes and alone. All people, who were volunteers for the preparation of food, will be gone in a second.”

The idea of ​​the book stems from a workshop on food, held by Ali Boozari and Alessandra Cimatoribus at the Italian Embassy in Tehran in 2008, reflection about the Italian kitchen.

The point of view of Iran and the collective imagination focuses on suggestions emanating from the Italian territory, on matter, story, experimentation and transformation, constructive elements of Italian cuisine. In every place the cuisine is rooted in the traditions, the customs and traditions of the people; the flavors of the ingredients are together, and highlights the food taste different due to local customs, but it also adapts to the available raw materials, knowledge, knowledge and their way of being.

Their eyes, Iran's, images are humorous and light.

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