yin & yang e l'arte di

It is’ true that stopping to think about the emotions they feel.

What prompts me to do this reflection?

This website blog portfolio arises by chance one day when I started thinking that I wanted to have a container of my passions vs. interests. At the time I was doing a very serious job, I have never felt in the role of the engineer but definitely a tone and a form of rigidity had to be mine. So I went to work in tailler, I lived in Rome in the res publica-, I ate salads and centrifuged at lunch with colleagues, strolling through historic fountains and gardens.

Returning to the story, I speak I speak I speak and start to write down ideas and concepts which belong to me, shortly thereafter the acronym of this virtual space.

At first it was an experiment and one of the first things that has found a place here were the gardens, it was the epoch when I discovered yin-yang and so yin (black) (/jin/) and which (off white) (/jang/) from its origins in ancient Chinese philosophy, so also the observation of the day turns into night and night turns into day, and the observations and reflections that Lao-Tsu.

"The kindness of the words creates confidence. The kindness of thoughts creates depth. Kindness in giving creates love. "

Lao Tzu

And so “speech, thoughts, donate” I did not know yet, but they would have found its way into my life. Here slipping and use my words (sometimes too closed and castigate not appear in the form of), narrative experiences and thoughts (attravero photo images and designs) and I find and I facilitate social acts, claiming the gift.

A treat is that I bought this book to learn about the yin-yang in the kitchen, which is called

“The Tao and the art of the kitchen”

Easy Recipes, Quick and tasty to apply the dietary traditional Chinese cuisine everyday


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